The Wellcome Trust Away Day

Wellcome Trust Away Day Spaart Gallery
The Wellcome Trust Away Day Spaart Gallery

It was important to express how Spaart Class is not about learning to draw or paint things like trees! but it is about spontaneous art in order to encourage your soul to say and express what it cannot use words to do.

The Wellcome Trust employees who have attended a Spaart Class are all wonderful, kind and open people, and like ordinary people, some carry a weight of responsibility on their shoulder which a simple but powerful Spaart Class can help relieve.

I wanted to take a photograph of the Wellcome Trust Open Day Spaart Class as I usually do at a Spaart Class but this particular time, it felt like I would be imposing so I’ve just shared their works of art (see image above). A lot of paintings were birthed from the ‘scribble technique’, two were keen to try the ‘String and paint art’, they all were lost and engrossed in their creation, and the majority of the class asked for more paper to create more art.  I even whipped out some Polymer Clay, perhaps a little late, for people to attempt to make polymer clay keyrings.

My favourite gallery time at the end of the class, produced a lot of humour as we discussed each other’s art, what they were feeling as they were painting it, it was healing to listen to each other’s explanation.

If you work in a place or know of a group that would benefit from a Spaart Class, I’d like to invite you to email me or call me on 07435 586936. Or even fill in the contact sheet on the Corporate Spaart Class page here, whichever you’re the most comfortable with, each will be well received.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Spaart Class Owner

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