The Fine Art Degree Show Spaart Class

My Fine Art BA (Hons) Final Degree Show Spaart Class was a great eye-opener, as I had always believed creative students who get to create every day wouldn’t appreciate a Spaart Class as much as the adults who very rarely see paint or art supplies. I was wrong! so now I need to work out ways to make Spaart Class available for the creative younger generation.

Part of the Fine Art Degree Show Space created for a Spaart Class

I set up an area for at least 8 people to sit at tables and create art. At the Private viewing, the evening of the 23rd May, I was so enthralled with the positive response received as people filled each available space to paint while others looked on. I served a plastic tumbler of wine to each Spaartist, which was just as well received as the glasses I use at the monthly Spaart Class in London Bridge.  I apologize for the lack of photo footage of the event itself! It was buzzing with life and at each Spaart Class I act as a waitress/ artist/ teacher, rushed off my feet!… It was amazing!!!!

Degree Show Spaart Class Area 1
The Spaart Class Space open during the week of the exhibition

If you’d like to join one of the monthly Spaart Classes, held every third Tuesday for the general public at Three Tuns House, 109 Borough High Street, London SE1 1NL. Please click here to book your place. Also! don’t forget, if you are a student use the promo code STUDENT for your £5 discount.

Spaart Class Degree Show Gallery

A Collection of some of the artwork created at the Spaart Class Degree Show




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