The Spaart Class MDX Squiggle Game!

Degree Show Spaart Class Area 1
Spaart Class Space for Fine Art Degree Show

For my Fine Art Degree Exhibition this May 2019 at Middlesex  University, I decided to create a space to hold a Spaart Class and with that, I also nailed a piece of canvas fabric to the wall and invited gallery attendees to leave their individual mark on the canvas.

Over the course of the week-long exhibition, some thirty people contributed to creating the final piece, it was so rewarding to watch people get excited about being involved and leaving their mark.





Spaart Class MDX Squiggle Game First Mark
The Very first mark made for the Spaart Class Squiggle Game
The SC Squiggle Game 2nd Mark
The Spaart Class Squiggle Game Continues…
The SC Squiggle Game Making Marks 2
Students Making Their Mark!


A week later the canvas was filled with contributions from passers-by. A truly fun and rewarding experience, a combined effort of individuals sharing a space. It’s a wonderful keepsake for me at the start of my art therapy career.

The Spaart Class Squiggle Game Complete MDX 2019
The Final Spaart Class Squiggle Game Painting



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