The Online Spaart Class – During Covid-19 Lockdown

At the time of writing this post we, the UK and most of the world are in partial lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s occurred to me that Spaart Class, art classes to relax and unwind will be a beneficial tool at this very uncertain, stressful and traumatic time. Art-making is a powerful and … More The Online Spaart Class – During Covid-19 Lockdown

Order a Spaart Pack

If you have zero art supplies at your home but would love to take part in an Online Spaart Class here’s a solution. A Basic Spaart Class Art Pack containing:  A) Four Sheets of Cartridge Paper B) Paint Brushes x 2 C) Small pots of Acrylic Paint, Colours: Red, Blue, Yellow, White and Black or … More Order a Spaart Pack


The usual custom is that once or twice a year we the producers (and sisters) for Jabber Talk, a radio chat show aired for Colourful radio on Tuesday mornings from 10 am until 12 pm., get together and do a live show, informing the listeners of our plans for the year and we also discuss … More #BeKindtoYourMind


Spaart Class is created in order to improve healthy minds! Spaart Class are art classes created for adults who live busy stressful lives, a place  for you to create, play with paints, pencils and other art supplies. Simple art technique tips are given at the start of the class so you are mentally taken away … More #EveryMindMatters