Spaart Class

The Art Class to Relax and Unwind



Spaart Class Image Collage for WebsiteHi, I am Karol Malcolm,

I’m a professional artist and the creator of Spaart Class

Spaart Class is an Art Class for adults with little or no experience in Art.

Spaart Class is created to give a platform for hardworking people in stressful jobs or lives to be able to paint, relax, listen to calming music and let that moment be all about them. We also enjoy a free glass of wine, tea and coffee and a liberal supply of jelly babies!

I believe in the power that art holds, its healing qualities which have been enjoyed since time began, but over the years art has been underestimated and put aside and labelled as ‘child’s play’. Whatever we label it has, in most peoples experience at a Spaart Class, the moment you connect with the paintbrush, paint and paper you immediately have a feeling of calm and peace.

Spaart Classes are held 3rd Tuesdays of the month at a very quiet venue in Waterloo. The classes start at 6 pm and finish at 7:30 pm. At the class you’ll sit in front of your own table top easel, have your own art supplies and paint your heart, using the paper as a therapist.

I hope you get to treat yourself to a Spaart Class, even if it’s only one class a year! you’ll immediately notice the difference in your well being.


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