Happy 5 Year Anniversary Spaart Class!

September 20th, 2016! we are at a lovely intimate venue in Waterloo! There are 6 of us, one comes in late, we all sit, drinking a little wine, listening to calming music and are fixed on our creation which comes from deep within our hearts and psyche, then there’s the time in the class where we each have a moment to discuss our own artwork and how we felt when we were creating it, this is the part I’ll never forget, when we all sit dabbing our tears away, we talk about heart breaks, and how we are feeling free and feeling we are able to forgive now, it could not have gone any better for me, I literally flew home after this, our very first Spaart Class. Now 5 years on, I have to mark the date.

The Very First Spaart Class at an Event in Waterloo, London September 2016

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