Selah – pause and calmly think of that

Spaart Class at One & All Cafe, Peckham

2020 commenced with Spaart Class at the One & All Cafe, working along side the very friendly owner of the cafe to make art making available for anyone who took a fancy to it.

Making Spaart Class ‘Donation Only’ removed the barriers of ‘I can’t afford this’ and people could pay as little as £1 or as much as £20 for a Spaart Class if they chose to.

Each Spaart Class held monthly at the One & All Cafe in Peckham Rye were full, the people who attended enjoyed the simple 90 minutes of art making and would go away promising to be at the next Spaart Class

Then in January, 2020 Covid-19 hit, the world watched as the virus spread through China and seeped swiftly from country to country and the world observed in shock as deaths rose because of it.

Overnight we were not allowed to meet in public places, suddenly people who usually would be making a mad rush to their place of work on a daily bases were told to work from home.

The Public wearing Face Masks – The Times

“Only go out when you absolutely have to – Stay at home, Save the NHS, Save Lives” this became the common daily mantra from the Government.

Spaart Class, as we know it, had to either fall asleep and wait until this Covid-19 left the planet and we, as the human race, were allowed to go on with the life as we’ve always known it, or the art classes needed to be accessible in a new and safe way.

Spaart Class at Home

Through this worldwide adversity Online Spaart Class was born.

Spaart Class Art Supplies

I decided to film the Spaart Class from my home.

In the video I demonstrate a few simple art therapy techniques, including a tutorial of what art supplies could be used, how to use them and where to get them from.

Out of this was born the Spaart Pack, it is an art kit which has everything you would need to hold a successful Spaart Class from home. The Spaart Pack is available on the website.

Once edited, I uploaded the video to Eventbrite and gave people the opportunity to make a donation of their choice and enjoy the Online Spaart Class from the comfort and safety of their home.

I also created a 2 minute introduction video to Online Spaart Class to upload on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Short Video Introduction to Online Spaart Class May 2020

Online Spaart Class on Eventbrite worked successfully as people began to book a class online. Each donating a sum of their choice and still receiving the same experience.

So what is the future for Spaart Class?

The aim is to strengthen the online presence. To bring more awareness of the Online Spaart Classes, making it available to the individual and to organizations.

Although Covid-19 has caused such devastation and upheaval in so many lives around the world, it as also, in many ways created clarity for people in that we have been given a gift to stop and pause and calmly think about where we want our lives to go. I had to ask myself ‘what does quality of life look like to me, how much do I care about the continuance of Spaart Class and helping people’s mental well-being through art making?

So after some soul searching, I realize I care a great deal about creating a platform for people to make art, in whatever form that takes, as I’m fully aware of the power of art making and the positive qualities it brings.

I’m presently writing this blog and feeling excited about 2021, about building Spaart Class, developing her and making her more accessible worldwide! as the classes are online there are no limits on who to invite to join them.

Without this horrendous virus and the devastation it is causing I would never have taken online art classes seriously.

Whoever reads this blog, I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous New Year. Build your new life based on your true passions and things that make your heart happy.

And make room for Spaart Class, in person or online, I’ll keep you posted about both. 😉

With So Much Love

Karol xxxxx

Karol D Malcolm BA(hons) Fine Art Social Practice

Spaart Class Owner

Spaart Class on the balcony

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