The Online Spaart Class – During Covid-19 Lockdown

At the time of writing this post we, the UK and most of the world are in partial lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s occurred to me that Spaart Class, the art class to relax and unwind will be a beneficial tool at this very uncertain, stressful and traumatic time. Art-making is a powerful and useful tool at helping to reduce the symptoms of stress, trauma and even depression.

I have created a Spaart Class video for you to view and take part online in the comfort of your home. You can watch the video and participate in the class at your own pace. You will just need to make a donation of your choice then you will be sent the video link of the Spaart Class.

To Book the Spaart Class Video please visit here.

Before the first Spaart Class, many of you will have to purchase art supplies, this link will allow you to book a Spaart Pack which will give you the basics of what you’ll need for a Spaart Class Online. Another option is to buy all your art supplies online from a Art Suppliers and start your collection.

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Order Spaart Class Online

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