On a personal note -My Daily Diary

Daily Diary - Amidst the Pain- Watercolour digital
Amidst the Pain – Watercolour, pen, and Digital by Karol D Malcolm

It would be my pleasure to share a very simple technique that has really helped me over the year.

I keep a small sketchbook which I call my Daily Diary, whenever I feel overwhelmed with any issue, even when I’m excited about something, I use my diary to create a piece of art to represent that feeling, I basically transform the emotion into art.

I then take a photo of that artwork, upload it to an online creative software like Picmonkey and develop the image some more.

This has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done with art. Not only do I love each piece of work individually, but it also reminds me of certain events in my life and teaches me that these issues do not last forever and they will be overcome.

Also as I’m developing a career as an art therapist it is teaching me a lot about the repetitive techniques and colours I use when in certain moods. I would never have known these things about myself if it were not for the Daily Diary.

I would sincerely suggest you try this technique. It is THE most cost-effective form of therapy you will ever allow yourself!



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