Celebrating Spaart Class

September 2017 Spaart Class was 1 year old!   spaart-class-studio-18-10-16

It’s been a pure and innocent journey, Spaart Class has created a platform for hard working adults to paint and create in a relaxed environment, reconnecting with their inner artist and producing, surprisingly to them, some stunning works of art (see the Spaart Class gallery) while enjoying wine, pretzels and jelly babies!

Spaart Class was put on hold  in September 2017 as the usual Waterloo venue I use no longer hire out spaces, so I was in the process of finding a new home for the classes. Then on November 3rd 2017 I had an accident, I managed to break my ankle slipping on wet grass so Spaart Class has been put on hold a little longer while I recover. The first Spaart Class is planned for February 2018.

Wellies Spaart Class Poster FinalThe Welcome Trust (Wellies) second Spaart Class also, sadly, had to be postponed for the new year.

I’m so grateful to the regular Spaart Class attendees who I now fondly refer to as ‘Spaartans’ I love them all completely and am happy our final Spaart Class of 2017 was held in my home, the class ended and I served home made hamburgers, coleslaw and crisps…with Prosecco (a gift from one of the beautiful Spaartans)

Home Spaart Class Image 3
Home Sweet Spaart Class

So for 2018 The Spaart Class campaign continues to bring people Back 2 Basics, where art is used to help people relax and unwind and have a much more healthier outlook on life and themselves.

I’ll keep you posted on the new venue and when you can book your place. Have a wonderful restful Christmas and an amazing prosperous New Year.

Karol the Artist.

Spaart Class

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