Wellies Again!!!

Well! after a long recovery of my broken ankle and slowly getting back into the swing of things, I’ll be running another Spaart Class for the Wellcome Trust on Tuesday April 24th 2018.

Spaart Class improves mental and spiritual well-being by being able to paint, relax and unwind from a stress filled work day. The employees enjoyed an hour and half of revisiting, some after decades of not painting, their creative skills and painting with acrylic paints on paper with an easel and a glass of wine to encourage relaxation! It was a wonderful evening and I trust the class on the 24th April will be equally rewarding.

Wellies Spaart Class June 2017


wellies-spaart-class-poster-April 2018
Spaart Class Poster for the Wellcome Trust employees – April 24th 2018


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