Happy New Spaart Class Year!

Starting a new year is always exciting for me. You’re given a clean slate to start things over…do better, eat better, exercise more, give more to charities, be the best you you can be… I love new years! and I love usually making a long list of things I’m absolutely going to change, achieve and improve about myself.

However, this year, 2020, as I approach the sobering age of 54!…(it shocks me to see this number in writing!) I’m not creating a long list so much as taking items off my last long list for 2019. I’ve decided to cultivate the few things that are truly important to me. Spaart Class is on top of the list. Making a platform for people to make art in order to help combat stress and improve mental well-being.

I believe in Spaart Class, I believe in the power of ‘art making’. For my Fine Art Degree I’d written a 7000 word essay on the values of art making. Some of the benefits studies have shown that art making improves the memory, cognitive function, physical health, decreases stress, it even has been tested to extend the length of your life!

In 2020 make a decision to join a Spaart Class, I’ll be holding the first one January 14th, 2020, 6pm – 7:30pm at One & All Cafe, Peckham Rye, then every two weeks after this at the same address. I will also be holding the Spaart Classes in other venues around London and will keep you posted when and where they will be held.

The most exciting thing about it is this: the Spaart Classes are now ‘donations only!’ so you literally pay whatever you can afford! I’m doing this so the classes are accessible to everyone.

I, sincerely, look forward to welcoming you at a Spaart Class.


Spaart Class Founder

Book a Spaart Class Here

Spaart Class One & All Leaflet Horizontal


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