Hi Honey, I’m Home!

Back in good old London! I’m grateful that it didn’t take a three month trial period for me to know and understand, Hastings isn’t for me long term!

The people are friendly and Hastings is so pretty, BUT my soul isn’t at home there and there is a real sense that I’m not part of the pack, maybe in time this feeling would have changed but I had no sense of “go on Kaz, give this place some more time” so here I am! back in the vibrant City of London.


I have no regrets at the attempt, it was fun! now I’ll put the Hastings season down as a lovely few weeks holiday and get back to work and life.

What now? I look for a base to run the Spaart Classes, I will create a drop in centre where people can come and play with the art materials provided, drink wine, tea, coffee, relax and unwind and re-set for their daily grind.

I’m very excited about the future.


Spaart Class Owner



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