The Real Battle of Hastings!

I’ve only gone and packed up, put my stuff in storage, picked me and my bermused Chihuahua Mini Pinscher up and moved to Hastings! Yes, on a trial basis for now, but if all goes well I will reside here for the unforeseeable future.

I’m staying at the wonderful Park Holidays, Coghurst Hall where they have agreed to partner with me to run Spaart Classes for their residents and holiday makers.


I’m beyond happy and excited. I’ve watched Spaart Class from conception help people relax and destress, to me it’s a ‘no brainer’ to add this activity to a holiday park, where people travel for miles to do just that.

I will still be working with corporates, only now instead of just offering to go to their work space I will invite them to the holiday park in beautiful Hastings for a one or two day company away day.

I’ll be keeping you posted on all events and activities. Feel free to continue to invite me to run a Spaart Class at your event, I’m but a few hours away.

The sweet battle begins now, methodically setting things in place and learning by trial and error. Positive  thoughts my way are very well received.


Spaart Class Owner

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