Art-Making Fosters Creative Growth

You may have been put in the right-brain (a creative person) or left-brain (a logical analytical person) box as a child and left creativity to those who are supposed to be most active on the right side of the brain,  but taking up a creative Hobby isn’t just for creatives.

Fox Hill, in their article 6 Brain and Health Benefits of Painting (2015) confirm this thought by stating if you consider yourself to be an analytical left-brainer you can stimulate and nurture your creative growth by practising painting.

Wellcome Trust employees acrylic on paper

Most of the people who have taken part in a Spaart Class haven’t picked up a paintbrush in years. For one Wellcome Trust employee, it had been over 40 years since she had painted anything, yet she was the most connected to her artwork and painted a beautiful image.

I invited another person to Spaart Class because she was told as a child that she was not creative, just a logical thinker. She loved the class and also created a vibrant and colourful piece of artwork using the ‘scribble technique’.

Book your Spaart Class here and begin the journey on developing the creative side of your brain.

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