July Spaart Class

It was a full class of eight beautiful people sitting around the table. There were more younger people at this Spaart Class than the usual classes, they were equally mature and very serious about their art pieces, taking their time to choose the right colours, shapes, images, and brush strokes.

The last 30 minutes of the class was, as usual, my favourite part of the Spaart Class where we discuss our artwork and what the painting meant to us, how we felt when we created it. It was and is always a very enlightening part of the art class where we all discuss each others art piece, without judgment, we all come to conclusions on what journey we are on in our lives whether good or bad.

One of the young men, who hadn’t created in years, had painted a black sky with the yellow sun shining through, when asked why he painted the sky black, he said calmly, “I’m a little bit depressed” We all then rallied around his soul with encouraging words, pointing out that the sun is shining in his painting with sun rays so there’s hope and the depression looks to be temporary. I encouraged him to continue to create at home, as I know that art-making has been proven to improve the mood and gives us a positive outlook on life.

Join our next Spaart Class, we’ll be creating art while listening to our favourite bedtime stories!!!

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