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Home Sweet Spaart Class

I was just sitting here thinking about people who were housebound for one reason or the other. We could be recovering from an illness, broken bones, or even afraid of leaving our home, or we simply can’t find a babysitter!… There is also another reason… We just love being home!

Why not consider having a Spaart Class at home? Even if it’s just for fun!!!

You and I will agree on the best date suitable and I will come along and set up a Spaart Class just for you.

Spaart Classes are designed to de-stress you and help you feel relaxed, therefore it enables you to cope with what life throws at you on a daily basis. Enjoy your own personal Spaart Class,  it will improve your quality of life.

At your Home Sweet Spaart Class, we will have the usual relaxing spa music, art supplies, wine, tea and coffee and of course a generous supply of jelly babies.

The Spaart Class will last for 90 mins, or we can discuss a shorter or longer class if you prefer.

How about inviting a friend or two or family members to join the Spaart Class?

The cost of the Home Sweet Spaart Class will be £50 for you excluding the cost of travel to and from your address. If you invite a group of 5 people or more then the price will be £15 per person. If you have an even larger group we will discuss discounts.

Interested? then please call Karol, on 07435 586936 or email karol@spaartclass.com or simply fill out this contact form and I will be in touch to discuss your options.

Chat soon.

Karol xxx

Spaart Class Owner




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