All in Knots!

Feel your shoulders right now, are they in knots? If you’re like me, you’ll find that the day to day strain of life always causes your shoulders to feel that way.

Spaart Class is an Art class for adults that helps you to relax and unwind by painting and drawing whatever comes to you, I call it ‘paint your day’. It’s a time just for you, no responsibilities and it doesn’t hurt that you can have a free glass of wine and or a ‘nice cup of tea’ I can guarantee you WILL leave the Spaart Class feeling less muscle strain and a lot happier. It is the purest form of therapy…and probably one of the cheapest!

I believe in Spaart Class because it works.

Consider treating yourself to a Spaart Class, they are every 3rd Tuesday of the month and only costs £10 which includes all your Art supplies and your free glass of wine.


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