Soul Cleansing

The second Spaart Class; it was great, I wasn’t as rushed as the launch on the 20th September, but I still came to the class with the big burden of day to day life weighing on me, and GUILT! I had seen a man begging, and usually I would empty my purse into their hand, not thinking how I was definitely going to need that change later, but this time…I quickly diverted so I wouldn’t have to engage with him, he evidently saw me try to make a get-away and quickly blocked my path and asked for spare change with a look of disapproval in his eyes, I grumbled “Sorry, got no change!” and walked speedily on. This bothered me, A lot! so I started the class feeling shame and regret!

There were two newbies! and two returning class members, it was amazing to see the two who had returned, how their painting styles had improved so much, due to painting again.

After teaching my short ‘Primary Colour rhyme’ I had made this up to help the class remember the colours to use to mix all colours, I then suggested we all paint our day or event in our lives that we need to get off our chests. So we sat quietly, a few comments here and there, listening to soft spa music and sipping wine or Tea. We all created, what I will call, our Masterpiece, a sweet story to represent ourselves, our hearts. They all have meaning and we each at the end of the class took turns in explaining our painting to each other. Another time of simple innocent creative soul cleansing!

Artwork by Pixie / Marva Gregorio De Souza
Artwork by Jacqueline Malcolm
Artwork by Andrew Baguley
Artwork by Hugh Miles
Artwork by Karol

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