A Spaart Class Pause…

I’ve decided to be as responsible as I can in regards to the Coronavirus scare and allow some time for the virus to pass so I’ve cancelled the 31st March Spaart Class.

Life must go on and in order for it to do successfully we want to do our part as a community and avoid spreading the virus. Taking a miss on public gatherings and self isolating will help, as many countries are starting to do around the world.

On a good note! art-making can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home: Buy a few basic art supplies online, like A3 drawing paper, pencils (HB, 2B, 4B), watercolour paints  (and art brushes) as these are the cleanest and simplest of paints to use and in Spaart Class style: pour yourself a glass of wine, put some relaxing music on and create away your stress.

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Spaart Class OaA Horizontal edits

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