Art Making Improves the Memory!

Along with some of the many benefits of art making, the fact that our memory is improved when we create is on top of the list.

An example of this benefit is with two women in Canada, both artists and one of the women suffered from Alzheimer’s and the other from Dementia. These women took part in a test by participating in art making, the results showed that art-making assisted in enhancing Cognitive Function in areas of their brain. These Cognitive Functions are skills in the brain we need to carry out tasks whether complicated or simple. The act of art-making stimulates the brain and the senses, memories are awakened and brought back. It is as though, what the disease has taken away, the act of art-making puts back.

Join the next Spaart Class on Tuesday, July 16th, 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm. It’s only £15 which includes all art supplies, wine, tea, coffee, and nibbles. 

Spaart Class Horizontal Leaflet


Study International (2016) ‘University Study Finds Drawing Can Improve the Memory’

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