Don’t be polite!

It was just the three of us for the March Spaart Class, which was good for me mentally as I had been working on a commission I had regretted accepting. I was painfully unhappy about the whole process and was glad it was a small Spaart Class as I had a chance to be the patient.

Before the Spaartans began to put paint to paper, I gave this advice “Don’t be polite!” there are things that are upsetting you, use the paper and paint to tell your story, don’t hold back, We have a tendency to move with trepidation when we create, our ego’s tell us to be careful, don’t make a false move! but this Spaart Class was to be about, truth and sincere honesty to how we were feeling.

The three of us took this advice, we all commented from time to time how much mess we were making, I had paint on my chair, hands, arms, table, which is unusual at a Spaart Class. I wasn’t polite with my artwork, I used a cocktail stick at a certain point during the process which made my real feelings about the commission really express itself.

We all had created artwork that represented the very difficult season we were in, we all came away feeling revived, clean and ready for the next phase.

So don’t be polite when you sit or even stand to create a piece of art, be true to yourself and your feelings, you will gain more from being truly honest with yourself not to mention creating a really interesting piece of art.



Used lines to express how challenging the year has been so far.


Using a BBQ cocktail stick instead of a paintbrush made room for the strokes and textures of how I was feeling.


Telling her story in layers of acrylic paint, painting over words of pain and leaving the one that gives meaning to the pain.

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