Happy, Hopeful, Uplifted, Enthusiastic…

ReflectiveFull, Green and Determined!

These are the words each Spaartan wrote when I asked them to describe how they were feeling in a word at the end of the Spaart Class, Tuesday evening, February 19th.

Spaart Class Room Feb 19th 3
Spaart Class 19/02/19

Of course, this moved me deeply! The Spaart Class is a very emotional space to be in on any occasion, once you’ve bared your soul to the canvas with paints and brush, your heart is covered and protected by soft spa-like music, you sip on your wine and all is well.

Then, in the last 20 minutes of the class, each person speaks about their artwork and what it meant to them to create it, the stories behind the artwork are always moving and not what you would expect, necessarily, to hear.

Here’s the artwork of all the Spaartans at this class on 19th February.

Spaart Class Gallery Image 2 Spaart Class Gallery Image 3 Spaart Class Gallery Image 4  Spaart Class Gallery Image 5

Spaart Class Gallery Image 6      Spaart Class Gallery Image 7      Spaart Class Gallery

Spaart Class Room Feb 19th 5 Blk n White
Spaart Class 19/02/19

I believe in Spaart Class, each time I run a class I see how the simple use of art can change a very stressed and tense individual into a light-hearted, hopeful and confident person.

Consider joining us for the next Spaart Class, they are run every third Tuesday of the month at Three Tuns House, 109 Borough High Street, London SE1 1NL, It’s just a 1 – 2-minute walk from London Bridge Station, from 6pm – 7:30 pm.

Spaart Class Room Feb 19th 4
Spaart Class 19/02/19


Spaart Class

All Art Supplies are included plus a glass of wine, tea, and coffee. The Address: Three Tuns House, 109 Borough High Street, London SE1 1NL (Buzz Spreeboy Publishing on arrival) Every 3rd Tuesday of the month, 6:00pm - 7:30pm



Spaart Class Book Here ImageYou can also book with Eventbrite, especially if you have a Promo code you wish to use.




I look forward to meeting you at the next Spaart Class.

Love Karol xxxxx



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