The Power of Art

Ancient art
Lascaux Cave Paintings 30,000-10,000 B.C.E

For hundreds of years Art as been used for self expression, a form of worship and a means to heal inner turmoil and anguish.

Spaart Class is designed for people who lead busy and stressful lives and sometimes aren’t aware of how much this ‘stress filled life’ is badly effecting their health.

You are given a platform to sit behind your own easel and use paints, pencils, charcoal to paint your emotions, feelings, or just to simply speak using art.

Wellies Spaart Class Gallery C1 300517 11
Artwork created by Wellies Spaart Class Employee

Treat yourself to a Spaart Class, it will all be about you. You will relax and create art with zero pressure. You also get to enjoy a free glass of wine, jelly babies galore, tea and coffee while you create. At the end of the class their will be a fun gallery time of discussing each others art work.


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