Painting On a Nude!…What fun!

Spaart Class 6 Body Art by Doug Guildford 2
Body Art by Doug Guildford

As expected, painting on a naked man was awesome! thanks to… Oh, I won’t say his name, but as far as bravery goes, he wins without fail! Just stripped off his clothes when the class was about to start and literally stood there while we each chose a spot and got painting. This was new for all of us and we were surprised at how quickly we saw him as a medium for art as opposed to being a human being. Painting on him brought off a fantastic energy that paper doesn’t generally do! We loved it.

We won’t be painting on a nude every class, in fact, for the next class I will be bringing in some polymer clay for people to play with…can’t wait. Book the next class today.

Not everyone wanted to paint on a nude but worked on beautiful artwork alongside the Body artists, please visit the Spaart Class Gallery to see what all the Spaartans have produced.

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